New Version of Nmap Released

Nmap, the popular software used in security auditing and network exploration, just released its newest official version today – Nmap 6.25! This release is the much anticipated holiday update of Nmap 6.01 from five months ago. Fyodor sure has been busy … the newest version of adds hundreds of major enhancements, including (as succinctly noted by Help Net Security):

  • Integration of
    • Over 3,000 IPv4 New OS Fingerprint Submissions
    • Over 1,500 Service/Version Detection Fingerprints,
    • Latest IPv6 OS Submissions & Corrections
  • Better IPv6 Traceroute Support
  • New Poll & Kqueue I/O Engines for Improved Performance
  • Added Support for Unix Domain Sockets
  • 85 New NSE Scripts
  • 12 New Protocol Libraries
  • Windows 8 Improvements
  • Targets-Sniffer Now Capable of Sniffing IPv6 Addresses
  • Number of Bugs Affecting the Software’s Security, Stability & Productiveness Fixed


Hi folks. It has been more than five months since the Nmap 6.01 release, and I’m pleased to announce a new version for you to enjoy during the holidays! Nmap 6.25 contains hundreds of improvements, including 85 new NSE scripts, nearly 1,000 new OS and service detection fingerprints, performance enhancements such as the new kqueue and poll I/O engines, better IPv6 traceroute support, Windows 8 improvements, and much more! It also includes the work of five Google Summer of Code interns who worked full time with Nmap mentors during the summer.

Nmap 6.25 source code and binary packages for Linux, Windows, and Mac are available for free download from:

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    New Version of Nmap Released

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