CyberCity Prepares Government Hackers for Cyberspace Battles

On the surface it almost resembles a video game, but CyberCity is no joking matter. Designed to train government hackers to fight cyber battles, CyberCity is a virtual town with everything needed to simulate real life activities, such as a coffee shop with insecure WiFi, and a social networking site called FaceSpace. Run by a New Jersey based security firm under contract with the U.S. Air Force, its purpose is to educate cyberwarriors and to provide virtual insight into the real possibility of cyberattacks.


CyberCity has all the makings of a regular town. There’s a bank, a hospital and a power plant. A train station operates near a water tower. The coffee shop offers free WiFi.

But only certain people can get in: government hackers preparing for battles in cyberspace.

The town is a virtual place that exists only on computer networks run by a New Jersey-based security firm working under contract with the U.S. Air Force. Computers simulate communications and operations, including e-mail, heating systems, a railroad and an online social networking site, dubbed FaceSpace.

Think of it as something like the mock desert towns that were constructed at military facilities to help American soldiers train for the war in Iraq. But here, the soldier-hackers from the Air Force and other branches of the military will practice attacking and defending the computers and networks that run the theoretical town. In one scenario, they will attempt to take control of a speeding train containing weapons of mass destruction.

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The whole concept of cyber ranges is very cool however some tend to get built and then decay. What are your thoughts? Post your comments below. Today’s post pic is from

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