Sandy Blows Upcoming ShmooCon Dates Out … & a Special Announcement

Ok … cheesy title but still … just wanted to put out a quick post that the The Shmoo Group recently announced the November 1st ticket sales as well as the first round CFP due date will be pushed out a few days until after the effects of Sandy are known. There aren’t any official makeup dates yet but be sure to track along on the ShmooCon News page or follow their Twitter account at @shmoocon.

Here’s their official announcement they put out over the weekend.

Hey Folks,

It’s looking like the east coast is going to get hit pretty hard by hurricane Sandy. There’s likely to be a lot of disruption to power and net access and we’re going to take the next couple of days to focus on homes and families and just not worry about sales right now.

We will announce a new sales date within the week once we know the true impact of the storm.

Additionally, the CFP server may become unreachable since it is currently located in a flood zone.

Thanks for understanding.


Oh and if anyone is curious … we will be organizing the Firetalks again this year. If you are still reading down to this subtext and are interested in sponsoring give us a ring. Also we’ll be opening up the CFP after The Shmoo Group announces the con speakers. And be safe out there!

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