Executive Order to Establish Standards for Legislation

We have discussed the Cybersecurity Executive Order many times before but it looks as though with the upcoming election the Executive Order will become more fact than fiction. According to a FCW article addressing this issue, Washington insiders attending a Government Events’ cybersecurity conference on October 22 noted that the Executive Order is expected to become reality and should set the standard for future legislation. The article further states that the Executive Order should serve as a guide, regardless of any post-election power shifts in Washington.

via FCW.com

The expected cybersecurity executive order should serve as a template for action when Congress once again takes up cybersecurity legislation, according to Capitol Hill insiders speaking at 1105 Government Events’ Oct. 22 cybersecurity conference.

The order will be useful for guidance regardless of any potential post-election power shifts, they said.

“There are a lot of moving pieces, but the ground has now been plowed. No matter who’s in leadership position, the awareness has been raised, people are on the record and we have leaders on both sides of the aisle [agreeing] something needs to be done. The rest is just details,” said Clete Johnson, counsel in the office of Sen. Jay Rockefeller (D-W.Va.) and lead staffer on the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence. “Whatever happens in November, I don’t think too much more time is going to pass before we do what we need to do, no matter who the leadership is.”

There are limitations on what the executive order can encompass, though, which means that legislation still is critical to national security in cyberspace. An executive order cannot codify, meaning it relies on existing statutes that it cannot alter – a significant issue for information-sharing, which is crucial to cybersecurity action.

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