RFI Leads to Hacked Weather Site

In case you missed this piece late Friday, it looks like a hacking group known as Kosova Hacker’s Security have hacked the Weather … as in Weather.gov … in retaliation for attacks like Stuxnet and family as well as prior bombings. Operated by the U.S. National Weather Service, a local file inclusion weakness in the website led to the disclosure of “potentially sensitive data.” The vulnerability has since been addressed.

via TheRegister.co.uk

Hackers have lifted potentially sensitive data from the US National Weather Service after exploiting a vulnerability in the weather.gov website.

A previously-unknown group called Kosova Hacker’s Security claimed credit for the hack in a lengthy post on pastebin, containing a stream of data lifted as a result of the hack. Leaked data includes a list of partial login credentials, something that might give other hacking crews a head start in attacking the website, as well as numerous system and network configuration files.

The leaked information appears to consist only of system files and the like rather than scientific data, something that strongly distinguishes the breach from the so-called ClimateGate hack against the Climatic Research Unit (CRU) at the University of East Anglia back in November 2009.

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