Hack3rCon Conference in Charleston this Weekend

Here’s a fun article on a pseudo-local security conferencing starting today. In it they discuss Hack3rCon going on this weekend in Charleston, WV. The talks at the conference, referred to as “Doomsday Eve”, are lighthearted but address serious security issues, such as infrastructure preparation. Rob Dixon, co-founder of 304Geeks.com, states that Doomsday and IT go together because people should protect their home and business infrastructures as IT is a part of our everyday lives.

Topics vary from “Bash Scripting 101 for Pen Testers” and “Intro to Linux Exploit Development” to “In Case of Zombies, Break Glass” and “Hacking Survival”. It looks to be a very informative and enlightening event.

via WVGazette.com

If you idly click through the online schedule for this weekend’s third Hack3rConconference in Charleston (or to give the name in official hacker-ese: Hack3rCon^3), you might grow worried that they know something you don’t.

Along with talks of interest solely to information security pros, like “Bash Scripting 101 for Pen Testers” and “Intro to Linux Exploit Development,” there are ones titled “In Case of Zombies, Break Glass” and “Hacking Survival” on computing in a post-apocalyptic world.

Rob Dixon is a co-founder of 304Geeks.com, which helped spawn HackerCon, a growing information security conference that attracts information security researchers and practitioners from around the country.

This year’s “Doomsday Eve” theme is both lighthearted (the undead are cited more than once in the schedule) and pretty deadly serious. The conference unfolds Friday through Sunday at the Ramada Inn Downtown Charleston (the former Charleston House).

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Are you attending the Hack3rCon Conference? Post your comments below. Today’s post pic is from BGR.com.

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