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Looks like the Four Horseman made the security news over on The Register. It mentions @gattaca making the ballet as well as the close calls with @jadedsecurity and @indi303. The article also brought in comments or mentioned @erratarob, @jack_daniel, and @wimremes. About half way through the author mentions “an association of infosec professionals in the Washington DC area” called 😉 They got the comment right however I think we’re getting confused with NoVA Hackers again. I support both but NoVA Hackers is more of what they described.

Anyway, beyond what we already know on who made the ballet we also discovered Diana-Lynn Contesti successfully garnered over 500 signatures. She’s been on and off the board for over a decade so if you are happy with the current status of (ISC)2 and the CISSP, there’s another option for you.

In total each CISSP in good standing will get to vote or write in three names to fill one of the three corresponding open board positions. Come time for the November 16th election this is what the ballot will likely look like.

  • Claudio Cilli
  • Diana-Lynn Contesti
  • Flemming Faber
  • Jack Jones
  • David Lewis (aka @gattaca)
  • Bruce Murphy
  • Dr. Corey Schou
  • Hiroshi Yasuda

And of course there will be write-in slots so why not type in one of these other guys as well.

via The Register

As the overpriced beers flowed and dusk approached in central London pubs surrounding the venue of RSA Europe last week, talk often turned towards the (ISC)2 security certification body.

(ISC)2, which administers the widely recognised Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) qualification, was “a waste of money” and its board of directors “filled with a bunch of out-of-touch boobs” who are unaware of the practical issues in the working life of an infosec professional, we heard.

Membership fees for the organisation are $85 a year. But what do the 80,000 (ISC)2 members get in return?

A cursory search reveals that the beer-fuelled criticism is matched by a series of critical blog posts by respected members of the security community, including Jack Daniel, co-founder of the BSides security conference, and other security honchos such as Rob Graham.

Many of these blog posts note that upcoming (ISC)2 elections in late November offer a chance to make a change.

Continued here.

The Register closes with one of @J4vv4D‘s awesome security videos showing the benefit of the CISSP.


Can anyone guess the artist on which this post’s title is based? Today’s post pic is from See ya!

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    BLOGGED: My Posse’s on TheReg //Lot’s of community folks mentioned.

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