Infosec Job Growth Reportedly Flat?

We came across an interesting article from, which states that the job growth in the information security field is now flat according to the most recent quarterly Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) data. Hmmm…this contradicts many other articles we’ve recently highlighted on our website stating the opposite – that infosec job growth is actually on the rise, and significant growth is being predicted for the future.

The article goes on to state that the lack of growth may not be due to a lack of jobs, but a lack of qualified IT professionals to fill those slots. Or that in many cases, security positions are filled by someone with a different title, such as a CIO or a network administrator. Near the end of the article, the ISMG Network tries to more accurately interpret the BLS data … but it still looks “flat.” Either way, it begs to question, given the predictions for dramatic growth in the infosec field that we come across previously.


What the new United States Bureau of Labor Statistics data on IT security employment fail to show is the demand for those with information security know-how.

Information Security Media Group’s analysis of BLS statistics reveals virtually no growth in the occupation classification labeled information security analysts since the government began tracking 18 months ago the category that includes professionals with a variety of specific IT security skills.

No doubt businesses, not for profits and government have a need for more information security expertise, but that fact isn’t reflected in the government’s employment numbers.

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Do you agree that infosec job growth is flat, or do you think that it’s increasing? Post your comments below. Today’s post pic is from

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  1. July 10, 2012 at 9:52 am

    Infosec job growth reportedly flat.. How odd given all the other reports/predictions..

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    #NoVABloggers Infosec Job Growth Reportedly Flat?

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    BLOGGED: Infosec Job Growth Reportedly Flat?

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    #NoVABlogger Infosec Job Growth Reportedly Flat?

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    BLOGGED: Infosec Job Growth Reportedly Flat? //Really?

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    BLOGGED: Infosec Job Growth Reportedly Flat?

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