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Someone Entering Username and Password on Mobile PhoneA few weeks ago I came across a mobile security article entitled “Five Steps to Enhance Mobile Device Security.” In it the author stresses the increasing number of attacks on mobile devices and continues on to point out five steps he thinks will help solve the problem. We’ve touched on articles like this before but I like noting pieces like this so I can add it to my collection of references I’m building for the “Ultimate Mobile Security” post I’ve been working on. Here’s the start of the article for you reading pleasure.


Mobile devices are quickly becoming a target rich and high return on investment environment for malicious attackers. Their use is expected to surpass the use of existing laptops and desktop computers by a factor of at least three in the next five years.

The rapid innovation that is often associated with these devices also means that in the near future they are expected to have expanded capabilities, including touch less payments, personal data repositories, fully functional local applications, and the ability to simultaneously enable high-speed access to corporate and personal networks and applications. There are numerous behaviors and capabilities that users can adopt to help them mitigate risks and enhance the security of mobile devices without introducing debilitating restrictions or limiting functionality that make them less useful. This article will discuss five of the more useful ones.

Continued here.

The article continues on with a list of his five steps to enhance mobile device security. These included the following:

  • Enable Device Password & Associated Data Wiping
  • Enable Device Auto Lock with Short Time Windows
  • Enable Device Data Encryption Capabilities
  • Regularly Create Encrypted & Password Protected Backups
  • Use Same Risk-Aware & Security-Conscious Browsing Behaviors

From our previous consolidated article they seemed to miss the following suggestions:

  • Accept All Mobile OS Patches
  • Only Buy Apps from Recognized App Stores
  • Do Not Jailbreak Your Device
  • Monitor Bills for Irregular Charges

The “Use Same Risk-Aware & Security Conscience Browsing Behaviors” is a new one that I’ll have to include. Anyway, I hope this post added a little bit to your understanding of securing all the mobile devices we are heading towards.


Beyond those suggestions listed in our previous article as well as this one, do you have any additional mobile security suggestions? Let us know in the comments below. Today’s post pic is from Which Mobile. See ya!

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    #NoVABloggers More Mobile “Average” Practices

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    Some average-practices in mobile..

  3. April 20, 2012 at 9:22 am

    Some average-practices in mobile..

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    More Mobile “Average” Practices:

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    More Mobile “Average” Practices via @novainfosec

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