Job: Infosec Consulting Director in DC Metro Area

Mandiant LogoFor the more seasoned pro Mandiant recently posted a director level position. Although the primarily location is DC, the posting notes that it can be worked anywhere in the US.

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Information Security Consulting Director


DC Metro Area

Company Name


Job Description

MANDIANT seeks a Consulting Director within our Strategic Solutions group. The Director will design and implement solutions to help Mandiant customers assess, build, and optimize all aspects of their computer incident response teams. Strong technical and consulting skills, project management capability, and sound written and verbal communication skills are important for this role. The candidates must have the ability to communicate with clients; manage project timelines; follow methodologies; and create/present clear, concise deliverables.

Essential Duties & Responsibilities

Work with clients to improve overall incident response capability and related processes, including network instrumentation,
alert management, malware analysis, incident handling, log management, and escalation procedures.

Develop high-level designs for security operations centers (SOC) / computer incident response teams (CIRT), including organization design, staffing requirements, and development of training programs.

Assist clients in developing the sub-programs within the domain of their SOC/CIRT, including processes such as intelligence analysis, security consulting, incident simulation, adversary simulation (red team), or security assessment (blue team).

Lead multiple engagement teams to deliver quality work product for clients.


General Skills

  • Ability to successfully interface with clients (internal and external)
  • Ability to document and explain technical details in a concise, understandable manner
  • Ability to provide training and perform public speaking and be comfortable in front of an audience
  • Capable of managing own and team project tasks
  • Demonstrated ability to consult with senior level executives on concepts as well as a technical depth to architect solutions
  • Professional services experience is desired

Technical Skills

  • Strong knowledge of SOC/CIRT concepts
  • SOC/CIRT design experience
  • Expertise in developing security intelligence teams
  • Experience working with SIEM solutions
  • Strong knowledge of tools and vendors in the incident response space

Education & Other

  • Bachelor’s degree
  • Minimum 10 years of experience in information security
  • Minimum 5 years of incident response experience
  • Must be able to travel frequently and on short notice

Follow-Up Information

For additional information and to apply, head on over to their job post on LinkedIn.


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