ShmooCon 2012 FireTalks – Update 6 (Winners)

Girl Holding Up TrophyWell you’ve probably already heard by now but just in case you didn’t … here are the winners for this year’s ShmooCon 2012 Firetalks. Also, be sure to check back to the master Firetalks post. It provides the core content as well as quick links to all update blog posts.

Well on to the winners…

Win: “Remotely Exploiting the PHY Layer”

by Travis Goodspeed

Milton Security Group LogoPacket-in-Packet injections are a new type of in-band signalling attack, one which allows a packet to be injected into a remote wireless network through the body of any other type of packet. The attacker never needs a radio, and no software or hardware bugs are necessary for the injection to occur. The attack works on perfectly standard-compliant implementations of 802.15.4, 802.11B, and most other wireless protocols.

Travis won a Parrot AR.Drone Quadricopter along with an iPod Touch to control it. Thanks to Milton Security Group supplying this awesome prize!

Place: “Cracking WiFi Protected Setup For Fun and Profit”

by Craig Heffner

Combined Logos for Lars, Leverage, & DirtySecThis talk will detail the recently disclosed vulnerability in WiFi Protected Setup which allows wireless attackers to recover plain text WPA/WPA2 pass phrases in just a few hours, as well as my WPS brute force attack tool, Reaver.

Craig picked up a netbook with the latest version of BackTrack pre-installed. Thanks to Dirty Security, Lares Consulting, and Leverage Consulting & Associates for supporting this prize. [Oh and Craig … please contact us so we can arrange to ship the netbook to you.]

Show: “Ressurecting Ettercap”

by Eric Milam

Liquidmatrix LogoIn December 2011 Ettercap had its first official release in almost 6 years. This talk will discuss how I went from the creation of a simple bash script to taking over one of the world most loved penetration testing tools. Topics will include, easy-creds, communications with Alor & Naga and the new team charged with moving the project forward.

Eric took home the “Sad Trombone” award, basically one of Apple’s new iPad Minis. 😉 Thanks to Liquidmatrix Security Digest for supplying the third place prize!


Congratulations to all the winners! Today’s featured image is from See ya!

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