ShmooCon 2012 FireTalks – Update 5 (Schedule)

Schedule Book, Pencil, & ClockWell … we are withing two days of ShmooCon and the first night of Firetalks and I’m actually a little ahead this year. I don’t think I got last year’s schedule out until late Thursday night! 🙂 Anyway, below you’ll find the schedule for the talks.

Also some people might have heard that you can attend the Firetalks without a ShmooCon badge. Unfortunately, this is not true. You MUST have a badge to attend due to all those contracts, insurance, and other fun biz stuff associated with holding an event as big as ShmooCon.

If you want to keep up with all the Firetalks going-ons throughout the weekend, you might want to check back to the master Firetalks post or subscribing to one of our “feeds” (@novainfosec on Twitter, our FaceBook Page, or RSS). But given the craziness of cons I’d recommend just following my tweets (@grecs) or the #firetalks tag.

Finally, I want to put out one last reminder for the ShmooCon Epilogue event that is being held the Monday after ShmooCon. If you are from out of town and can still grab one of the free tickets, why not extend your stay an extra day and get another dose of great talks and networking with fellow hackers. See the NoVA Hackers post for all the details.

Well and onto the schedule…


Note 1: The times for Friday are currently tentative as we noticed the regular con schedule will probably push these times back. I’ll be keeping this post updated so please check back or follow me (@grecs) or the official #firetalks tag on Twitter.

Note 2: Updated the times below…

8:30: Opening

8:40: “How Do You Know Your Colo Isn’t “Inside” Your Cabinet, A Simple Alarm Using Teensy” by David Zendzian

9:00: “Bending SAP Over & Extracting What You Need!” by Chris John Riley

9:20: “ROUTERPWN: A Mobile Router Exploitation Framework” by Pedro Joaquin

9:40: “Security Is Like An Onion, That’s Why it Makes You Cry” by Michele Chubirka

10:00: “Five Ways We’re Killing Our Own Privacy” by Michael Schearer


6:30 Opening

6:40 “Cracking WiFi Protected Setup For Fun and Profit” by Craig Heffner

7:00 “Passive Aggressive Pwnage: Sniffing the Net for Fun & Profit” by John Sawyer

7:20 “Ressurecting Ettercap” by Eric Milam

7:40 “Security Onion: Network Security Monitoring in Minutes” by Doug Burks

8:00 “Remotely Exploiting the PHY Layer” by Travis Goodspeed

If you are a speaker and cannot make the scheduled slot, please let me know ASAP via mentioning it to me at @grecs on Twitter. Also if you are an alternate you’ll need to be present both nights. And just to make things run smoothly, we ask that all speakers be present at least two talks prior to your scheduled time slot. We will have reserve seats for you in to the first row to the left of the podium if you are facing the stage.


Can’t believe ShmooCon is almost here! See ya all on Friday… Today’s post picture is from

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