ShmooCon 2012 FireTalks – Update 2 (Sponsors & Prizes)

Girl Holding Up TrophyWell it’s been a few weeks since our last update. We hope everyone had a nice holiday break and at least a few people lucked out with the final round of ShmooCon tickets sales. Over the past several weeks @jack_daniel has been hard at work gathering sponsors to support the prizes and other fun stuff we have planned. So at this point we would like to announce the prizes and sponsors for this year’s Firetalks!

But before we get into the prizes and sponsors I did want to make a few announcements regarding some of our upcoming activities. We’ve received a record number of submissions this year and will be announcing the first set of talks on Monday or Tuesday next week. If you have been thinking of submitting and haven’t yet, please do … the more topics we get, the better we can provide a balanced program. As before … just head on over to the EasyChair SC2012FT portal. The RFP will be closing at 5:00 PM on Friday the 13th.

I am also happy to announce is that the NoVA Hackers Association will be running a ShmooCon Epilogue conference/meetup following ShmooCon on Monday the 30th. If you haven’t locked in your travel plans yet, you may want to push them out a day or two to attend this event. It will feature talks from many of the local infosec pros as well as some of the ShmooCon presenters. They are still in the planning stages at this point, so please head on over to the official ShmooCon Epilogue post to find out how to participate.

Lastly, we are still in need of several more FireTalk volunteers. If you’ve volunteered previously and I haven’t contacted you, please hit me up again via @grecs on Twitter. Right now we are looking for someone to coordinate the judging panel, some muscle at the door (i.e., security), an AV coordinator, a timer (I’d really love a big red countdown clock if anyone has one), and someone to create and hang poster signs for leading people from the main conference area over to where the Firetalks will be held.

Thanks for putting up with those few announcements and now on to the good stuff … this years Firetalk prizes and sponsors!

Milton Security Group Logo1st Place

Milton Security Group will be bringing us a Parrot AR.Drone Quadricopter controlled WITH an iPod Touch to control it. Now that is one cool prize! Hopefully, I can get my hands on it before Sunday’s closing ceremonies.

Picture of the Parrot Drone

Combined Logos for Lars, Leverage, & DirtySec2nd Place

No one sponsor came out with a dedicated 2nd place prize so we are combining some of the cash contributions together to get the ultimate hacking platform – a netbook with the latest version of BackTrack pre-installed (maybe even pre-p0wned 😉 ). Ok … well maybe not the “ultimate” but at least something light and portable. To the right you see my best effort at creating some kind of collage that represents all the sponsors for this prize. They are also linked below for quick reference.

Generic Netbook Image

Liquidmatrix Logo3rd Place

Lastly, Liquidmatrix Security Digest brings us the “Sad Trombone” award, basically one of Apple’s new iPad Minis. 😉

Picture of iPod Touch

Other Support

Beyond the prizes there are several other ways that people are helping out.

  • Bulb Security LogoMilton Security Group will also be offering some cool swag to toss out during the event.
  • The remaining contributions from the DirtySec/Lars/Leverage consortium will be used for speaker gifts and maybe a few surprises.
  • Bulb Security via @georgiaweidman will be providing live streaming and filming of the event. There’s an interesting story behind this company’s name. Be sure to ask Georgia about it.


And that’s about it. Again please tweet a big thanks to @jack_daniel for pulling together some awesome sponsors. Today’s featured image is from See ya!

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    ShmooCon 2012 FireTalks – Update 2 (Sponsors & Prizes): Well it’s been a few weeks since our last update. We h…

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    BLOGGED: ShmooCon 2012 FireTalks – Update 2 (Sponsors & Prizes)

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    In case you missed earlier .. ShmooCon 2012 FireTalks update 2

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    Dont forget to attend ShmooCon 2012 FireTalk

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    RT @MiltonSecurity: Dont forget to attend ShmooCon 2012 FireTalk

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    RT @MiltonSecurity: Dont forget to attend ShmooCon 2012 FireTalk

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