5 Hottest Sec Jobs in 2012

Yield Sign Stressing the Top 5 Infosec Jobs for 2012As we start the new year out with all our resolutions … maybe one of your goals is to get a better job. Well earlier this month I came across an article that may provide some insight into some of the “hot jobs” for 2012 and beyond. As originally posted by GovInfoSecurity.com based on a study by Dice.com, they found the following jobs to be the ones to focus on.

  • Security Analyst
  • Security Architect
  • Application Security
  • Security Engineer
  • Network Security

In our general demographic (i.e., DC in the government sector) the biggest opportunities seem to be as Security Analysts, Security Engineers, and Network Security pros. If you’re looking for the biggest paycheck, although not as much fun, and are a bit more seasoned go for Security Architect positions. Also I found it strange that forensics wasn’t mentioned anywhere. GovInfoSecurity.com previously discussed how forensics was THE field to get into. We pointed out some of these posts here and here.

It’s nice to have a study like this one that points out where the biggest opportunities may be however my overall advice is still to find a job you love. At least maybe this list will give you some starting points as you navigate through your career to discover that love.

via GovInfoSecurity.com

Information security is one of those rare fields – it has more job openings than people to fill them. Dice.com, the largest IT job site, confirms this job growth and indicates a 79 percent increase in the total number of information security jobs posted on the site from September 2009 to September 2011.

Based on a review of job postings, here are the five hottest jobs for information security pros in 2012…

Continued here.


Have any other suggestions for jobs to focus on in 2012? Let us know in the comments below. Today’s post image is from GovInfoSecurity.com.

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    BLOGGED: 5 Hottest Sec Jobs in 2012 http://t.co/lltCFu7I

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    Really? 5 vaguest job titles: covers every job in infosec. RT @grecs: BLOGGED: 5 Hottest Sec Jobs in 2012 http://t.co/J7t9Vtjo

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    Maybe they’re too vague as @davienthemoose noted but still think these 5 Hot Jobs provide good general direction. http://t.co/AMSuA88A

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    5 Hottest Sec Jobs in 2012: [nova#infosecportal.com] As we start the new year out with all our resolutions …… http://t.co/wNOHsAqU

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