ShmooCon 2012 FireTalks

Firetalks LogoFor the past two years we’ve had the privilege of hosting the Firetalks at ShmooCon and are excited to formally announce the ShmooCon 2012 FireTalks!

If you followed the FireTalks in the past, this year’s will essentially run the same however with one minor difference. Instead of having six 15-minute sessions each night, we will be decreasing that to five. That should give us 15 minutes of time to play with for intros, computer switches, etc. The goal is not to take up too much of your time and last year we found that having six sessions pushed closer to 2 hours rather than 1.5 hours. Similar to last year we will be using the same CFP system and selections will be made based on having a nice mix of established and new speakers. We’ll also continue our tradition of having a three person panel to judge the talks based on various factors with the top talks getting some awesome prizes.

For all the latest happenings, check back to this post periodically. It is the home for any and all information relating to the ShmooCon 2012 FireTalks. We will also be putting out short “update” posts with just the new info and a pointer back to this “master” post. You can also subscribe to receive these updates through any of our “feeds” if you wish (@novainfosec on Twitter, our FaceBook Page, or RSS) to keep up with things. And as usual … I’ll be regularly updating my Twitter stream at @grecs with all the information using the #firetalks tag.

Anyway … here are the logistics for this year’s FireTalks in traditional form:

For a historic look at the whole FireTalks idea, please check out the History section of our original post. From @catalyst, @mubix, @carnal0wnage, and many others, we are standing on shoulders here. Now onto this whole FireTalks thing…


This year we are planning on having up to five 15-minute speaking slots each night depending on the final discussions the ShmooCon team is having with the conference hotel. We are hoping to accommodate many of the awesome submissions that ShmooCon was not able to accept due to the finite number of speaking slots. If you are already speaking at ShmooCon, please be considerate and leave submissions open to others. Other than that … the only thing we are looking for is a nice mix of established and new speakers.

To ease our submission load, we will be using the free EasyChair Conferencing System. We used it to handle submissions in the past and it worked nicely. It just requires that you create an account, login, and select New Submission from the top menu. From there just fill out as much information as you can and hit the Submit button. To get started head on over to the EasyChair SC2012FT portal.


Similar to the last two years we will have prizes for the top three presentations and @jack_daniel has found some awesome sponsors to help us in this endeavor. The top speakers will be based on a 3-person panel scoring each presentation from 1 to 10. In case of a tie, we will have a secret forth person pick the final winner.

Milton Security Group Logo1st Place

Milton Security Group will be bringing us a Parrot AR.Drone Quadricopter controlled WITH an iPod Touch to control it.

Picture of the Parrot Drone

Combined Logos for Lars, Leverage, & DirtySec2nd Place

No one sponsor came out with a dedicated 2nd place prize so we are combining some of the cash contributions together to get the “ultimate” hacking platform – a netbook with the latest version of BackTrack pre-installed. To the right you see my best effort at creating some kind of collage that represents all the sponsors for this prize. They are also linked below for quick reference.

Generic Netbook Image

Liquidmatrix Logo3rd Place

Lastly, Liquidmatrix Security Digest brings us the “Sad Trombone” award, basically one of Apple’s new iPad Minis. 😉

Picture of iPod Touch

Other Support

Beyond the prizes there are several other ways that people are helping out.


This event can become a little cumbersome to run for one person so if you’d like to volunteer to help out, please Contact Us. Some of the responsibilities we’ve had in the past included:

  • Sponsorship: Jack Daniel (@jack_daniel)
  • Session Recordings: Georgia Weidman (@georgiaweidman) via via Bulb Security
  • Judging Panel
  • Security
  • AV Coordination
  • Timer
  • Signs to Venue
  • DJ (why not?)

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