Body Hacking: NovaInfosec Holiday Challenge

Body BuilderI came across a tweet that mentioned the Lifehacker Workout and thought it was an excellent effort for giving geeks the motivation to get a little more exercise. They used a service called to build out several individual workouts and then incorporated these workouts into a challenge. They set a target of 15 workouts over a period of one month with 3 to 4 workouts per week.

Although the Lifehacker workouts and challenge looked great, I was looking more for something that could provide a little motivation each day just to get off my butt and walk around a bit … and maybe do a few strength exercises. I try to workout a few times each week already so I just wanted this to be something that would motivate me during the day to get out and away from computer for a bit.

Using the service I created an simple 20 minute per day exercise plan (baby steps here) and thought others in the local community might be interested in participating as well. Here is a quick description of the workout I created on

Just a quick 20 minute break with some walking and a few strength exercises. It is designed to be done in an office environment so there aren’t any exercises that’ll make you look silly. Thanks to Lifehacker and their Simple 30-40m Full Body Workout that I used as a base.

15 minutes of walking with the goal of increasing your distance each week

5 minutes of strength exercises with the goal of increasing your reps each week

  • 5 push-ups
  • 15 squats
  • 15 calf raises (find some steps)
  • 5 bench dips (on an office chair)

Note that the starting reps are minimal so please start out with more if you can.

The challenge itself uses this workout and runs from 12/6 through 1/6. The person with the most points a gets a wifi detection t-shirt. I should have some stuff laying for second and third place prizes as well. Watch here for updates… If you’re interested in joining, click on the link below and sign up.

NovaInfosec Holiday Challange

Queue pump-it-up music…


 So why don’t you join … “we’re gonna pump you up!” Hey and there’s even an iPhone app… Today’s post photo is from

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