Top 3 NoVA Infosec Blog Posts of the Week

It’s that time of the week again: the time where we take a look at what local security bloggers have been up to. You can take a look at what local security bloggers have been up to but if you can’t get enough of the local security scene, check out our NovaInfosec Twits listfor even more great security blogs and people to follow on Twitter.

As always feel free to check out what local security bloggers have been up to and also be sure to follow myself (@nathiet), @grecs, and @novainfosec on Twitter if you want to know more about what’s going on in the local security community during the week. Without further ado … here are the top picks for this week.

Time flies when you are having a good time….this past Thursday was your first shot at ShmooCon tickets and if you didn’t score, don’t feel bad as our worth mention post gives you tips on how you can score tickets next time around.

#worth a mention- Top 5 Tips for Snagging that ShmooCon Barcode: If you were hoping to get your hands on ShooCon tickets this past Thursday but strained your eyes instead @grecs tries to help you out with a few tips here

#3-Dustin Webber Creates Network Security Monitoring with Siri: Well what can’t Siri do for you? Check out what happened when Dustin Webber uses his iPhone 4S and SiriProxy to interact with his Snorby Network Security Monitoring platform…here and Richard Bejtlich was kind enough to give us a run down of some of the event.

#2-Trying NetworkMiner Professional 1.2: Looking for a new tool to help manage your network? well look no further as Richard Bejlitch reviews NetworkMiner Professional 1.2 and shares his thoughts. Click here to read more about networkminer professional 1.2. 

#1- Using a Mac with VMWare vSphere (ESXi) 5: If you  thought  managing virtual machines from Mac computers was a hassle because VMWare management utilities are all Windows-only, and even the few web-based tools either do not work or are extremely limited from a Mac, you are in luck as Peter Hesse of Gemini Solution has found ways to get over the hurdle. We are sure you have your ways but we want to let you know about his over here.

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