Skype and the Enterprise

Confused Baby in BathtubI read an interesting article this morning over on that discussed the security of using Skype in the enterprise. As expected it didn’t give us the magic “yes” or “no” but instead the typical “it depends.” Overall, I thought the author made a very good point in that we trust a lot of our data to third parties, as I’ve mentioned in my teleconference security post, and Skype is just another third-party. The decision to use Skype should just follow the same considerations you’d normally take when acquiring any new third-party service.

But I know … you want the magic “yes” or “no”… The article described the initial premise of “within a business environment for very specific cases.” And let’s assume that those “specific cases” don’t include discussing your top-secret plans to take over the world. I’d say go for it!

Furthermore, I’d say probably 95% of the content in our daily conversations is already publicly known (shoulders, giants, dwarfs and all), mindless dribble, gossip or basically stuff that just isn’t sensitive at all and as such it’s fine to use Skype practically all the time. No sense throwing the baby out with the bathwater…


SecureState was recently asked if using Skype within a business environment for very specific cases was a good idea.

The company asking the question was unsure of the security implications and what risk would be introduced by implementing the Skype application.

Concerns over security and privacy have existed ever since Skype was launched over eight years ago. What is the consensus now regarding data protection when using Skype in the enterprise?

Continued here.


What do you think? Is Skype secure enough? Trusted enough? This article’s post image was found over at

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