Top 3 NoVA Infosec Blog Posts of the Week

It’s that time of the week again: the time where we take a look at what local security bloggers have been up to. You can take a look at what local security bloggers have been up to but if you can’t get enough of the local security scene, check out our NovaInfosec Twits list for even more great security blogs and people to follow on Twitter.

Also be sure to follow myself (@nathiet), @grecs, and @novainfosec on Twitter if you want to know more about what’s going on in the local security community during the week. Without further ado … here are the top picks for this week.

#3 –Metasploit Unleashed at Reverse Space (links to each week): You want to know what has been going down at the Metasploit classes at Reverse Space, well look no further as this post has all the links to all the class and there’s video too!! Click here to enjoy the classes at your own pleasure.

#2 – Book Review: Don’t know what to read? Well Richard Bejtlich of TaoSecurity has a few suggestions for you and has reviewed them for us. Click here to read the review of programming amazon EC2 and click here to read the review of review of beginning C.

what he had to say about the privacy issue with the IOS 4 location tracking.

#1 Stand alone – if you can: We have all heard about Sony’s PlayStation Network being down for several days now, Benjamin Hartley of Gemini security solutions looks at the advantages of the network being down “The “airwall” remains the strongest form of security available; no code can ever bridge the gap of a true lack of connection.” Click here to find read more about the advantages of keeping computers offline “the most important reason is highlighted by this PSN debacle: why should Internet access be necessary? The Internet is a powerful, pervasive tool – but it’s not the end-all of the computing experience, and even now there’s no reason that a computer should be rendered a paperweight by simple lack of connection.”

Well, that’s all this week. Be sure to check back next week for more great blog posts from local security bloggers.

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