NOVAHA Runs Another Successful Night of Talks

If you live, work, or play in or around Northern Virginia, the NoVA Hackers Association (often shortened to NovaHackers) is the place to be the second Monday of every month for a fun filled night of interesting talks and great networking. This is definitely one of the after-work meetings I try to hit each month.

They just wrapped up their most recent meeting this past Monday. As you can tell from their summary post, not too many details are listed and that’s the way the group likes to keep it. The good news is that many of the presenters now allow their talks to be recorded and published. Below are five of the talks for your viewing pleasure. Each one is around 15 minutes so they pretty much get right to the point without a lot of fluff. There was also an additional talk by Mike S. called “DDOS Stuff” that wasn’t recorded.

Richard H. – When Did I Turn into a Systems Integrator?

David S. – Shmoocon Ticketing System Challenges

Shyaam S. – Benchmarking Secure WordPress Plugins and Themes

Ronnie T. – Fun with Strings in Malware

Daniel R. – CTF #1 Binary Exploit Development

Since I wasn’t able to attend this month, thanks to Georgia “@vincentkadmon” Weidman for recording the talks.


To get involved in the NovaHackers check out their NovaInfosec description for links to their blog, Google Group, IRC channel, and Twitter account. See ya!

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