ShmooCon 2011 FireTalks – Update 4 (aka – Winners, Videos, & Slides)

Ok, now that I’ve had a week to recover from ShmooCon, I just wanted to officially wrap up the FireTalks for this year with a quick post announcing the winners and pointing to some other related resources.

This year had 12 awesome presentations but only three could come out on top. The judges ranked each talk from 1 to 10. At the end we added them up to determine the winners. For 2011 the ShmooCon FireTalk winners are:

  • Second Runner Up: Lisa “@llorenzin” Lorenzin – “What I Learned about Security at Burning Man”
  • First Runner Up: Dave Marcus – “Using Social Networks to Profile, Find and Own Your Victims”
  • Grand Prize: Schuyler “@Shoebox” Towne – “We Need to Start Attacking Disc Detainer Locks”

Once again congrats to the winners! Schuyler won an iPad provided by Astaro while Dave and Lisa won an Asus netbook and a $100 ThinkGeek gift certificate, respectively. Aplura provided the two runner-up prizes.

Also if you are not on Twitter and haven’t heard @irongeek_adc had the FireTalk videos out on Monday after the con. Wow, what an amazing job to get them out that fast! Thanks Adrien. You can find them here. And for those that were able to watch live, please also send a big thank you to @vincentkadmon.

I’ll update the master post with all this information where you should be able to find everything.

Once again I like to thank everyone involved in making FireTalks happen this year. From awesome sponsors (Aplura and Astaro) to the many volunteers (Jack “@jack_daniel” Daniel, Adrian “@irongeek_adc” Crenshaw, Georgia “@vincentkadmon” Weidman, Mike “@rybolov” Smith, Nathi “@nathiet” Thwala, Jason “@jasonmoliver” Oliver, “@DaKahuna2007“, and Mike “@theprez98” Schearer), our recruited judges (“@shrdlu”, James “@mycurial” Arlen, and Melanie Smith), and especially the ShmooCon team (“@heidishmoo“, “@gdead“, and everyone else involved in Team “@shmoocon“). Thanks for a great time and another successful year. See ya!

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