Where You Want to Be This Week for 2011-01-31

Where do you want to be this week? Now you’ll always know with our “Where You Want to Be This Week” feature, which will tell you about infosec meetups happening in your local area as of Sunday night. The super bowl is over and the Packers won so if your disappointed that your team didn’t win the super bowl then here are some meet ups to pick you up during the week and if you were supporting the Packer, wear a Green Bay tie and go to the meet ups!! NoVA hackers meet ups are always fun to attend so I’ve heard but if you can’t make it to the meet up the MIT seminar and ISACA CM meet up both have interesting topics.

Anyways here are you meet ups for this week but if you would like your event listed in our Calendar and in this post, contact us or mention it to @grecs on Twitter and without further ado, your meet ups:

Monday (02/07)

Tuesday (02/08)

Wednesday (02/09)

Remember that HacDC and Baltimore Node are two local hacker spaces that also hold several standard activities each week … so check them out for more fun stuff to do.

And be sure to subscribe to our RSS feed or follow us on Twitter at @novainfosec; @grecs and @nathiet to be alerted about any last-minute events or to receive updates on the meetups listed above. Finally, check out our Calendar for a complete list of infosec events in and around NoVA, DC, and MD.

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