ShmooCon 2011 FireTalks – Update 2 (aka – Speaker Announcement & New Sponsor)

Astaro LogoWell only three days left until the start of ShmooCon 2011 and we are busy putting the final touches on this year’s FireTalks. We are finally ready to announce the speakers, welcome a new sponsor, and note a minor room change. And as always for all the details in one place, head on over the the FireTalks master post.

In no particular order here are the speakers and their talks we’ve confirmed so far.

  • Ralph “@RalphBroom” Broom & Danny Gottovi: Protocol Security: You’re (Still) Doing It Wrong
  • Irongeek “@irongeek_adc“: Intro to I2P
  • Rick “Zero_Chaos” Farina: Radio Chaos: Why Retired Men Know More about Hacking than You Do
  • Lisa “@llorenzin” Lorenzin: What I Learned about Security at Burning Man
  • DaveMarcus: Using Social Networks to Profile, Find and Own Your Victims
  • Raphael “@armitagehacker” Mudge: Armitage: Cyber Attack Management for Metasploit
  • Michael “@theprez98” Schearer: Net Neutrality, the FCC, and the End of the Internet as We Know It (in 15 Minutes or Less)
  • Jimmy “@shah_jim” Shah: Mobile Botnets and Rootkits: An Overview
  • Gal “@shpantzer” Shpantzer: Security Outliers: Cultural Cues from High Risk Professions
  • Valerie “@hacktress09” Thomas: Gurlz Rule and Boys Drool: How a Hacktress Can Take Your Social Engineering to the Next Level
  • Schuyler “@Shoebox” Towne: We Need to Start Attacking Disc Detainer Locks

Also joining Aplura, LLC we’d like to welcome Astaro as another FireTalks sponsor! I think we pretty much have the top three prizes covered however if you want a quick mention at the event and be listed on the master FireTalks page, feel free to pass some cash or goodies along our way. I’m sure we’ll make good use of it. 😉 If you are interested just Contact Us and we’ll follow up with you.

Finally, Team Shmoo notified us that due to a last minute room change, we will now be in the International Ballroom – West instead of the Jefferson rooms. Sounds like we’re moving up…


I hope to get the final schedule out tomorrow so be on the look out for that. Wow, only three more days!!! See ya (soon)!

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