DojoCon Follow-Up

I don’t know if you heard about it or not … but there was this great little local conference this past weekend called DojoCon held at NoVA’s newest hacker hangout, Reverse Space. A few years ago Marcus J. Carey (@MJCdotme) started organizing monthly conference-style evening meetups at Capital College near Baltimore called DojoSec. After a year or so he decided to try out a full-on conference … and DojoCon was born.

This past weekend’s event is the second annual conference that Marcus has organized. Although there was a formal CFP, everything else followed a traditional unconference format. Admittance to the event only required registering and bringing an item (e.g., paper plates or drinks) or donating $10. The rest of the conference costs were covered by sponsors.

Unfortunately, I missed most of the Saturday talks however did show up in time for a great networking dinner at Red Hot & Blue as well as the Saturday night party. Sunday I arrived around noon and attended most of the talks that day. Beyond meeting up with so many great infosec folks, the highlight of the conference for me was probably Chris Nickerson’s (@indi303) rant on the security industry (including us). The talk was very well choreographed with rapidly changing slides and a very passionate speaker. Although there were a few controversial points, it was probably the most entertaining/call-to-action talk I’ve seen in a while. I also enjoyed many of the other talks but rather than elaborate on those here, I recommend heading on over to the BreakingIn blog where the author posted very detailed summaries of the Saturday and Sunday talks.

For those interesting in learning more about DojoCon and helping support potential future conferences, I encourage you to:

Thanks again to Marcus for organizing a great conference and Tiffany Rad (@tiffanyrad) for setting things up at Reverse Space. See ya!


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