Winner of TaoSecurity Recommended Books

As you may remember, I started a little contest Monday morning to pass a few classic infosec books along to a new owner with the hopes that they’ll get as much out of them as I have. Over the weekend @taosecurity put out a bunch of reviews and I happened to have three of his recommended books (all 4 and 5 stars). To enter the contest all you needed to do was tweet or RT the following phrase.

“I want 2 win 3 @taosecurity recommended books from @grecs. #infosecclassics”

Well … after around 40 tweets (and a few negative ones as well :)), I headed over to and had it select a number between 1 and 40. The site came back with 5 so I chose the 5th person who tweeted or retweeted the magic phrase.

And the winner is … @bvPredator!

According to his Twitter profile Mark describes himself as a “Geek, Hacker, IT Support Specialist, Hardware Guru, Infosec noob!” I really like seeing that “infosec noob” part as I feel he’ll get a lot out of the books.

Congrats to Mark and thanks to everyone that entered. (Mark: Please DM me @grecs to arrange delivery.) See ya!

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