Grecs’ Weekly Infosec Ramblings for 2010-06-24

If you’re not already following some of our excellent NovaInfosec Twits and are wondering where to get the best NoVA-, DC-, and MD-related security tweets, look no further than this post. Published every Friday, our “Infosec Ramblings” post takes many of my security tweets/RTs from the past week and puts them into one easy to digest post. And if you don’t want to wait an entire week, just stop on by my @grecs Twitter account.

There were a few meetups this past week. Did you get to attend any of them?

If you didn’t have time to make it to any of the weekly security meetups, were you at least able to hit some of the local conferences?

  • #CON Who’s coming to Gartner security in DC tonight/this week? /via @Shpantzer #
  • #CON On my way 2 Software Assurance Working Groups #SwA /via @dallendoug [Sounds like fun. I need co that supports such things.] #

For those of you that don’t know, we have some excellent infosec bloggers in the local area. You can check out some of their articles below.

In case you missed them, here were some of our blog posts from this week.

And this whole LIGATT thing broke big time. I hope next week not to have an entire section dedicated to this guy…

More importantly there’s been a lot of progress in enacting a cybersec law. For a quick review of the whole process, you may want to check this video out.

And on other government news

And if you haven’t heard, this fancy new mobile OS and phone were released this week. … No, I didn’t get one yet but as you can tell below I did do the OS upgrade.

  • Any1 notice passcode being disabled after upgrading to iOS4? I had it set in 3.x but now it’s disabled by default. #
  • Also noticed podcasts that deleted earlier reappearing after upgr to #ios4. #
  • More #ios4 upgr annoyances.. Some cool cover art lost. No custom background on 3G. No multitasking on 3G. Total unread email counts off. #
  • “The Complete Guide to Using iOS 4” (via @jaysonstreet) [Enjoyed reading.] #
  • Apple #iOS4 deals w/ 60+ Vulns (via @jaysonstreet @CyberCrime101) [Now the security stuff.] #
  • Apple Collecting/Sharing iPhone Users’ Precise Locations (via @techsavvy @Shpantzer) [And then privacy issues.] #
  • iPhone Encryption in iOS4 .. few extra steps U must take 2 mk it actually work (via @IBMFedCyber) [Good 2 know.] #
  • iPhone iOS 4 Security (via @DrInfoSec @georgevhulme) [Step in right dir but far fr where need 2 go.] #
  • Re iOS 4 security .. Can’t we just have full “disk” encryption? #
  • & what’s w/ weird backup/restore/run around circle/reset/throw salt over shoulder thing we need 2 do? & that’s just 2 get sucky encryption. #
  • I mean come on .. I thought Apple was known for this whole magical simple and usable thing. I feel like I’m back on a PC. 🙂 #

You can also keep yourself busy with these interesting newsbites:

And in closing, who could forget the tweet of the week?

Well, that’s all for this week. Be sure to follow me on Twitter at @grecs for more great tweets during the week! See ya…

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