Grecs’ Weekly Infosec Ramblings for 2010-06-17

If you’re not already following some of our excellent NovaInfosec Twits and are wondering where to get the best NoVA-, DC-, and MD-related security tweets, look no further than this post. Published every Friday, our “Infosec Ramblings” post takes many of my security tweets/RTs from the past week and puts them into one easy to digest post. And if you don’t want to wait an entire week, just stop on by my @grecs Twitter account.

There were a few events this past week. Did you get to attend any of them?

  • Just got back from @novahackers. Gr8 talks as usual .. except the first one kinda sucked. 😉 #
  • #MEETUP Learn electronics at HacDC! Our class starts tonight at 7PM and goes for 8-10 weeks. No prior XP needed. #
  • #CON Pen Test Summit 2010 Thoughts/Summary (via @pauldotcom) [Sum of of con earlier this week in Balt.] #

Here’s an upcoming meetup for those of you who are interested.

For those of you that don’t know, we have some pretty awesome infosec bloggers in the local area. You can check out some of their articles below.

In case you missed them, here were some of our blog posts from this week.

And this guy is just too “ligatt” to quit…

  • Review of ‘How 2 Become The Worlds No 1 Hacker’ #LIGATT (via @benrothke @schuetzdj) [More #LIGATT fun.] #
  • RT @dallendoug: If we can get ATT 2 sue LIGATT, we’ve got win! RT @danielkennedy74 @LIGATT Step 2) Predict seq num <- Plagiarizing Goatse #
  • RT @LIGATT: If there is another computer hacker better than me…please stand up or shut the hell up! #
  • RT @cktricky: RT @LigattHaxx0r: Hacking Tip # 13- Use a different password for your Twitter and Facebook accounts. <~Lol, nice <- +1 #
  • Here U go 😀 (via @Equix3n @bitkitty) [Here’s Ligatt BSing it a/b women. Whatever. :)] #

In more pertinent things that went on this past week, there were plenty of career discussions and suggestions to improve yourself.

And of course there was a lot going related to cyber security in the federal government.

You can also keep yourself busy with these interesting newsbites:

And in closing, who could forget the tweet of the week?

Well, that’s all for this week. Be sure to follow me on Twitter at @grecs for more great tweets during the week! See ya…

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