ShmooCon 2010 Firetalks – Update 4

Not too much has happened since last week … just tons of small stuff. We are still looking for some “prop” sponsors as well as alternate speakers. Also there are a few logistical changes we wanted to announce. Read on for all the details…


Most of the sponsorship opportunities have been covered however we are still looking for a few of the props. Specifically, there is a Countdown Timer, Gong, and Logo (see the master ShmooCon 2010 Firetalks post for more information on these items). Out of these, I’d say the most important one is a Countdown timer. So if you don’t have a big budget but would like to help out, you can always volunteer to bring one of the above items. If you are interested, either contact us or mention @grecs on Twitter.


Although all the official speaking spots are full as reported three weeks ago, we are still seeking people to add to our Alternates List just in case any of the confirmed presenters are unavailable. If any of the speakers are not present, we’ll just start calling people from the top of the list. At a minimum you’ll get some PR with your name and presentation title on the master ShmooCon 2010 Firetalks post.

To submit a talk, use the Contact Us link above. Enter your name as you want it to appear and use FireTalks as the subject. In the Message area please include the title of your talk as well as a one paragraph summary of your presentation. You can also include a link to your website or preferred social networking profile and we’ll link your name off to this site/profile.

General Logistics

CapSecDC is organizing a Bar Crawl for sometime on Friday night. Based on discussions with them, they’ll probably be starting before the Firetalks. Instead of having to choose between the Firetalks and the Bar Crawl, we are working with them so FireTalk attendees can easily join up with the crawl midway. The general idea would be that they would be at a specific location around 10:30. That way anyone from the Firetalk session could just meet up with them to continue to enjoying the evening.

CapSecDC aren’t the only ones we’ve been working with. It just so happens that the Podcasters Meetup was originally scheduled to start the same time as the Firetalks on Saturday at 8:00 PM. After a few email exchanges we’ve realigned our start times to benefit all! The new plans are that the Podcasters Meetup will start at 7:30 instead of 8:00 and the Firetalks will start at 8:30. This will allow attendees to take part in both events. It does push the Firetalks a bit far into the Saturday night party … but you should still have plenty of time to enjoy it (assuming you can make it there with all the snow :)).

In other logistical news we’ll be having several helpers run the Firetalks. Mike “rybolov” Smith will be assisting us as well as a pair of interns, Justin Monroe and Chris Wheeler. Thanks guys! Additionally, we are still finalizing the exact location but we previously heard we’ll be in one of the Wilson rooms.

And the big news is that Dual Core will be providing some entertainment to get the Firetalks started as well as playing some good nerdcore in-between the speakers on Friday. We’ll have to spin our own on Saturday as they’ll be getting ready at Heaven & Hell. Any volunteers?


This will be our final post … so from here on out, please check the ShmooCon 2010 Firetalks master post for the most up to date information or follow @grecs on Twitter looking for the #shmoocon and #firetalks tags. As usual, we’d like to thank the community for getting the word out and can’t wait to see everyone on Friday. See ya!

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