NovaInfosecPortal ShmooCon Internship

Something amazing happened yesterday so we thought we’d take this opportunity to pass it along to help benefit the our community (and us :)). It has allowed us to offer a ShmooCon internship that includes the following benefits:

  • Free ShmooCon Barcode
  • Free Shared “Crash” Accommodations for 2 Nights at Wardman Park Marriott Hotel in the NovaInfosecPortal Suite (well, it’s not actually a suite but a normal room; note I am old so you must be well behaved and quiet so I can get my old guy sleep :); also there will be one other person)

Now here are the rules for entering…

  • Must be local
  • Must be a full time student at a local university studying in a field related to information security
  • Must be willing to attend seven talks (2 on Friday, 3 on Saturday, and 2 on Sunday) and write summaries of them
  • Must help run the FireTalks on Friday and Saturday (I think I may have bitten off more than I can chew :))

To apply use the Contact Us link above. Enter your Name, Email, and “ShmooCon Internship” as the Subject (note: following directions counts here).  In the Message area please write a summary of one of the 2009 ShmooCon presentations. You can find a listing of all talks along with links to the slides and videos here.

Well that’s it … short and sweet. You have until Saturday midnight EST to make your submissions. See ya.

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