ShmooCon 2010 Firetalks – Update 1

Based on last year’s series of posts, we came up with an ingenious naming scheme of Update 1, Updated 2, etc. for update posts related to this year’s Firetalks. 🙂 These posts will just contain the new stuff and all this information will be incorporated back into the master ShmooCon 2010 Firetalks post we put out last week.


First off, I’d like to put out a HUGE “Thank You” to the infosec community for spreading the word on this year’s Firetalks. And I’m excited to say that because of everyone’s support, we’ve filled all of the presentation slots! Here is a quick list of the topics and the presenters.


  • Social Engineering Toolkit v0.3 Overview (David “ReL1K” Kennedy)
  • SHODAN for Penetration Testers (Michael “theprez98” Schearer)
  • Influencing Security (Marcus J. Carey)
  • Funnypots and Skiddy Baiting (Adrian “IronGeek” Crenshaw)


  • Browser Fingerprinting Using a Stopwatch (Nicholas “aricon” Berthaume)
  • Pentoo (Zero Chaos)
  • Sleephacking 101 – How to Stay Awake for 20 Hours a Day without Turning into a Zombie (Benny “security4all” ???)
  • Fuzzing Web Applications with Nymf (Jack Mannino)

The master post contains additional details on each talk. But even if you didn’t make the above list, you still might get to present your idea! Because there’s been such a great response, we’ve decided to open up an Alternates List just in case any of the presenters are unavailable. As an alternate you’ll have to be present and ready to speak. If one of the speakers is not available, we’ll just start calling people from the top of the list. And so far we have two additional submissions!


On the sponsor front Adrian has stepped up to record the audio and video (split screen even) for both sessions! For an example of what to expect, see his test over at Vimeo. Additionally, the ShmooCon team has offered to hold a space for us as well as lend us a projector. Beyond these two additions, we are still in need for other sponsors, especially for the prizes. If you know any companies willing to support this effort, please have them contact us and point them to the Sponsors section in our master post for the different options. You can pass along this longish link we created to point to the main Firetalks post –

Speaking of sponsors … Adrian also came up with the great idea of having a Firetalks logo. I have no design skillz so if someone out there has any artisic ability, this is another way you can help us out. The logo at a minimum would be embedded in the videos that Adrian will be creating. If we have time, we hope to create a banner or something.

General Logistics

Beyond getting speakers and sponsors we’ve also been working with the ShmooCon team to coordinate Firetalks fitting nicely into the overall conference schedule. As mentioned above they are already supporting us in several ways however they would like us to move the start of the talks to 8:30 on Friday night so it won’t interfere with the end of the keynote. So we’ve made this change on the master post as well.


Filling all speaker slots as well as getting the sessions recorded and support from the ShmooCon team … Its been a great first week! Again, we’d like to thank the community for getting the word out! As you known, you can never have too much PR … so we’d appreciate any continued efforts to spread the word! Just pass along the link to our master post or our “easy-to-remember” link.

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