Upcoming Conferences for January, February, March

With our “Upcoming Conferences” feature every month, we’ll tell you about infosec conferences that are happening at least 3 months out in your local area. Here to make sure that a conference never sneaks up on you again, our “Upcoming Conferences” feature makes sure that you’ll have plenty of time to plan and register. As of Sunday night, here are the conferences we’ve confirmed.

The biggest conference in the upcoming months would be the ShmooCon as it gathers a mix of government employees, contractors, security professionals from major industries, students and faculty from academia who are focusing on information assurance, security software and hardware manufacturers and hackers.


  • BlackHat DC Conference (Hyatt Regency Crystal City; 01-31 – 02-03)


  • ShmooCon Conference (Wardman Park Marriott Hotel; 02-05 – 02-07)
  • AFCEA Homeland Security Conference (Ronald Reagan Building & International Trade Center; 02-24 – 02-25)


  • Software Assurance Forum (MITRE; 03-10 – 03-12)
  • FOSE Conference (Washington DC Convention Center; 03-23 – 03-25)
  • GovSec/US Law Conference (Washington DC Convention Center; 03-23 – 03-24)

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1 comment for “Upcoming Conferences for January, February, March

  1. Niels Groeneveld
    January 5, 2010 at 8:43 am

    Can you also add international conferences outside the United States ?

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