Grec’s Weekly Infosec Ramblings for 2009-09-19

As some of you may have noticed, our “Ramblings” post usually comes out on Monday. But, due to a new feature on Monday (you’ll just have to wait and see what it is!) we’re doing our “Ramblings” post on Fridays. Plus: It gives you something interesting to read when you’re supposed to be doing work. 🙂

As always, feel free to stop by and say hello @grecs. You can also check out the NovaInfosec Twits list for more awesome people to follow during the week on Twitter.

So… we’re trying to navigate this whole Facebook thing…

And speaking of Facebook:

  • 10 TIPS 4 FACEBOOK PRIVACY: I’m trying to get in2 whole FB thing again and came across this article. Good read. #

There seemed to be quite a few meetups this past week. Did any of you attend any of them?

  • RT @baltimorenode: Stop by Node tonight for open hacking hours from 7-9pm. Everyone welcome! #mtg #
  • Looks like fun! RT @OWASPNoVA: THURSDAY: Hands-on Fortify 360 training! #mtg #

There’s also some upcoming meetups for those of you who are interested.

  • RT @baltimorenode: Guitar pedal modding class this Saturday at the Node! Less than 24hrs to register! #mtg #
  • RT @baltimorenode: Learn to solder class at the Node! Build your own multimeter! #mtg #

We were also pretty busy this week.

  • Nice lunch with @rybolov today! Discussed strategic thingies. #
  • Had lunch with @pmhesse of @geminisecurity today. Great discussion on what’s wrong with this world – from an infosec perspective. 😉 #
  • S. MD too. 🙂 RT @pmhesse: Had good time at lunch w/ @grecs 2day. DC/NoVa folks looking 4 sec info & mtgs visit! #

For those of you that don’t know, @rybolov is one of the awesome infosec bloggers in the local area. You can check out some of the other bloggers below.

But don’t think that you need to be in the NoVA area to be considered a local blogger!

  • Note u don’t have to b in NoVA to be a #novablogger. I count DC and S. MD too. So please let me know if u want to b included. #

In case you missed them, here were some of our blog posts from this week.

For those of you who have been looking for a good (but cheap) book to read, you might want to try this one:

  • FREE CISSP BOOK: Haven’t read but can’t beat price. RT @danphilpott: Rehman rel new draft of book 4 download. #edu #

You can also keep yourself busy with these interesting newsbites:

  • GOV CLOUD COMPUTING: @GovInfoSecurity looks at new site. Interesting. #
  • MORE ON GOV CLOUD: @SCMagazine has art out too. Security-wise need local clouds. Do these services offer that? #
  • SEPTEMBER CRYPTO-GRAM: @schneierblog is out with this month’s edition. #
  • PHYSICISTS CHOOSE INFOSEC: Interesting read on various ways people get in2 infosec career. There is no 1 way. #job #
  • MALWARE PERSISTENCE: says stays around longer (1yr) than thought (6wks). I would have thunk until OS reinstalled. #cmt #
  • 2 NEW MS SDL TOOLS: Wow, MS on roll lately. @SCMagazine reports release of 2 free #tool s 4 software secure dev. #
  • AV ONLY 23% EFFECTIVE: @DarkReading has art out that shows Zeus Trojan is only detected 23% of the time by AV. #
  • OMG check out this quote fr article – “Of the Zeus-infected bots, 31 percent weren’t running any AV program ..” WTF! #
  • WATCH YOUR CELL PHONE: Interesting story on hacking cell phones for $30. Nice but how do I stop it fr happening? #
  • WEB 2.0 SECURITY RISKS: Study proves obvious again. The more complex things R, the more sec probs you’ll likely have. #
  • Yeah, this is way 2 go. Wonder if Google Appliance will b able 2 do. RT @IBMFedCyber 5 reasons 2 choose Private Cloud #
  • This is awesome! RT @mckeay: RT @geekgrrl: RT @Lifehacker: Maximize Firefox 3.5’s Viewing Area #

If you still have some time after all of that, why not take 5 minutes to check this out?

And in closing, who could forget the tweet of the week?

  • LOL. RT @mroesch: If at&t’s San Fran network sucked any harder the Stanford astrophysics department would be studying it #attsfsucks #totw #

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