ISSA – NoVA Chapter Infosec Meetup Event – Thursday, 09-17: Accreditation of a PL4 System

The upcoming ISSA – NoVA Chapter meetup on September 17th will address the security necessary for allowing the accreditation of a PL4 system without the use of a firewall or a guard.

According to the meetup abstract, you can expect to learn about the following if you attend:

There are several components (Solaris 10 with Trusted Extensions, Oracle DBMS 10g with Database Vault, Label Security, and the Cross Domain Security Express) that provide the security necessary to allow for accreditation of a PL4 system without the use of a firewall or a guard.  This talk will focus on the technical interaction of these components.  This is “first of it’s kind” technology and is in the process of accreditation now.  Basically, Oracle (including all the sub components) is installed in a RAC configuration on top of a unique installation of Solaris 10 TX.  The MAC and DAC controls provided by these components make everything work.

You can find additional details about this meetup below.

  • Who: Jonathan Bakke of Oracle
  • What: “Security Necessary to allow for Accreditation of a PL4 System Without the Use of a Firewall or a Guard”
  • When: 09-17, 5:30 (doors open) & 6:30 (meeting starts) PM EST
  • Where: Nortel Government Solutions (12730 Fair Lakes Circle, Fairfax, VA 22033)

For more information on the ISSA – NoVA Chapter, see its description in our NoVA Meetups section. View our Calendar for a complete list of infosec events in and around the NoVA area. Here is a link to the page with information on this meetup.

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