In Focus: NovaInfosecPortal Event Calendar

It’s no secret that we here at NovaInfosecPortal like to provide useful information to security professional that live and work in the NoVA, MD, and DC area. You don’t have to look much further than our Resource pages and Event pages to see that.

But recently we realized that, despite having all of this awesome information, a lot of people don’t know that we have it. Many people think that all we do is event posts.

While we’re ‘known’ for our event posts, events aren’t all that we do. NovaInfosecPortal has always been a site dedicated to building a stronger security community in the NoVA, MD, and DC area, and we believe that you need a lot of information—not just events posts—to meet that goal.

To put a focus on some of the areas of NovaInfosecPortal (other than our event posts) that promote the local security community, we’ll be doing a weekly feature called “In Focus” for the next few months. This feature will cover aspects of the site that aren’t widely known in the hope that you’ll have a few more ways to get active in the local security community and that you’ll be able to get more out of this site.

The first thing we’ll be featuring? Why, the calendar, of course.

While we’ll usually link to the calendar at the bottom of our event posts, we’ve recently heard that a lot of people don’t know it’s there. Since we feel that the Calendar is one of the most important offerings of our site, we wanted to show that the Calendar is alive and well and designed to make your life easier.

Available through XML, iCAL, or HTML feeds, we designed the Calendar with you in mind. We wanted you to have all of the events for the upcoming month in one easy-to-use feature. And we don’t just include local meetups; we also include conferences on the calendar.

The other great thing about our calendar is that it’s updated on a regular basis. We do the best that is humanly possible to get obscure and last-minute meetups on our Calendar so that you don’t have to miss out on great events.

We also take suggestions for meetups that we should add to the Calendar. If you know of a local security group that isn’t already featured on our Calendar, or you’re planning on starting one, please drop us a line. We would love to help spread the word about your event!

But enough hearing about it; why don’t you go and check it out for yourself? And if you have the inclination, why not tell us what you think?

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