Grec’s Weekly Infosec Ramblings for 2009-06-15

While there was some interesting news going around the Twittersphere this week, we were happy to see that there were quite a few events that were being discussed.

We also got a Facebook, so be sure to join us at Now, on to the tweets!

It seems that social engineering has been getting quite a bit of attention lately…

We can’t help but feel that getting back to basics would help with some of the problems people encounter because of social engineering.

In addition to talking about social engineering, local security bloggers had a lot to say this week. Check out our top three picks of the week here.

And now, all of those events we mentioned, starting with CharmsecFIRE. (Speaking of which… did anyone check out CharmsecFIRE? If so, how was it?)

The GMU Cloud Computing and Security event…

The ISACA – NCA meetup…


AppSecDC09… (For those of you who like to procrastinate, don’t forget to get your talks submitted to AppSecDC by today!)

And Symantec.

Told you there was quite a few events. They all look interesting—even more interesting than the controversy surrounding the iPhone 3G S.

We can’t help but wonder if rapid expansion is part of Apple’s security problems…

  • So true. RT @IBMFedCyber RT @helpnetsecurity: Sec risks grow as bizes rush 2 adopt emerging tech ( #cmt #

We also can’t help but wonder if Obama’s Cyber Security Plan will be able to do something about the problem.

Maybe the NIST is a more likely bet?

More stuff about cyber plan…

And now, a word to the wise…

  • Just closed on selling 1st house! Been tough week. My advice in my current state of mind – never buy a home. Much easier to bug landlord. 😉 #

And, don’t forget…

  • Just got Just hit that 5 character mark. #

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