HacDC Infosec Meetup Tuesday, 06-02: Wired for War

As if their NASA Apollo Highlights meetup and Sound Hacking Workshop weren’t cool enough, HacDC will be hosting a meetup with Brookings Institution scholar Peter W. Singer this Tuesday, June 2nd.

A bestselling author, Singer will discuss his new book on military robotics, Wired For War. According to the HacDC site, Wired for War “looks at the implications of military robotics on war, politics, ethics, and law in the 21st century.”

Because Singer’s take on military robotics extends beyond the robotics field, HacDC encouranges those who work in public policy, engineering, the military, and other related fields to attend this event. But like most HacDC events, the meetup is free and open to the public, so anyone who is interested can attend.   

To learn more about this meetup, continue reading below.

For more information on the HacDC, see its description in our NoVA Meetups section. View our Calendar for a complete list of infosec events in and around the NoVA area.

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