Grec’s Weekly Infosec Ramblings for 2009-04-19

What had the Twittersphere all abuzz this week? The Twitter attacks, of course.

Ironically, three major studies about data breaches came on the heels of the Twitter attack news.

Continuing the theme of just how unsafe most of our data really is, we were able to attend the ISSA – NoVA talk about “Naked Browsers.” If you haven’t read it already, we also did a similar post about why browsers continue to remain vulnerable in the midst of so many ‘precautions.’

  • At NoVA ISSA listening to browser vuln talk. #
  • Good talk at nova-issa. No good solution to naked browser attacks b/c no one at fault; uses interaction between everyone. #

And if in-person meetups aren’t your style, don’t forget that there’s a flourishing NoVA security community on Twitter. (You can also check out our very own NovaInfosec Twits for more ways to meet local members of the security community.)

And speaking of local security professionals… Marcus J. Carey of DojoSec was on a roll this week with tons of great videos and commentary.

Do you have any important tweets we missed? If so, leave a comment below, or send us a tweet @grecs.

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