ISSA – NoVA Chapter Infosec Meetup Event – Thursday, 04-16: Patched Browsers Remain Vulnerable

It seems that the idea of naked browsers is becoming quite a trend; the ISSA – NoVA Chapter is the latest meetup group to tackle the topic of browser vulnerability in a supposedly ‘secure’ Web 2.0 world.

Featuring Michael Sutton of Zscaler Labs—who gave a similar talk at the February ISSA – DC Chapter meetup—attendees of the ISSA – NoVA Chapter meetup can expect a fair amount of obvious information (i.e. that patched and ‘secured’ browsers remain vulnerable) mixed with a great deal of eye-opening information that they may not have encountered before.

If you have a particular interest in social engineering or the use of social networking sites for effective attacks, this is a meetup that you won’t want to skip. To learn more about this meetup, keep reading below.

  • Who: Michael Sutton of Zscaler Labs 
  • What: Your Browser Wears No Clothes: Why Users With Fully Patched and Secured Web Browser Remain Vulnerable in a Web 2.0 World
    o The presentation will discuss how modern attacks are using social networking sites and other commonplace sites with intended browser functionality to develop highly damaging attacks.
  • When: 04-16, 6:15 – 8:00 PM EST
  • Where: Oracle Corporation (1910 Oracle Way, Reston, VA 20190)
  • For more information on the ISSA – NoVA Chapter, see its description in our NoVA Meetups section. View our Calendar for a complete list of infosec events in and around the NoVA area. Here is a link to the page with information on this meetup.


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