Grec’s Weekly Infosec Ramblings for 2009-04-12

This week, we saw a lot of tweets relating to DojoSec, which included information on Dojosec videos and related pictures.

We also spent a lot of time tweeting with Marcus J. Carey (DojoSec founder) this week, discussing everything from the latest DojoSec meetup videos and pictures to our latest adventures with the Mac we bought for our parents.

The most awesome things about Macs? Lower security risk, which would have been great for all of the people who felt the wrath of Conficker this week.

In addition to Conficker, their was a lot of tweeting about general security news this week, including problems with social networking, identity and security, and insecure security tools.  

Local infosec bloggers provided excellent insight and commentary about some of these issues.

And lastly, security professionals encountered more news that simply stated the obvious.


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