ISSA – Baltimore Chapter Infosec Meetup Event – Wednesday, 03-25: IPv6

A vendor-natural discussion of IPv6 risks and benefits, the upcoming ISSA – Baltimore Chapter meetup on Wednesday, March 25th, counts toward 2 CPE hours for those who are interested.

But it’s important to note that if you are looking to learn how to use or implement IPv6, this meetup will not teach you how. If you are looking to learn IPv6, the ISSA – Baltimore Chapter website highly recommends that you take a class or read a book.

For more information on this meetup, please continue reading below.

For more information on the ISSA – Baltimore Chapter, see its description in our NoVA Meetups section. View our Calendar for a complete list of infosec events in and around the NoVA area. Here is a link to the page with information on this meetup.


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