Grecs’s Infosec Ramblings for 2009-03-17

  • Way to go! RT @rybolov: Love getting blog comments on NIST docs from the NIST people themselves: #
  • RT @mubix: RT @websenselabs: Google results are poisoned for popular March Madness related search terms. Lead to rogue AV. Update soon.. #
  • RT @danphilpott: IEEE MidAtlantic Cloud Computing UG is having a talk at Microsoft Reston on Azure, 2009-03-19: #
  • RT @dojosec: Sourcefire’s Matt Watchinski talks recent Adobe flaws at April’s DojoSec #
  • LOL! I was thinking same thing. RT @danphilpott: What a whirlwind of observances: Fri the 13th, Pi Day, Ides of March & St. Patrick’s Day. #
  • SECURE TWITTER: Finally a way to use third party sites without giving your credentials. #
  • CIO on LEAVE: Yes, I made mistake in my earlier RT about this… He is officially on leave. He’s another story… #
  • SECURING MASHUPS: Startup is using SSL to let webapps authen one another. Wonder how relates to Twitter’s OAuth? #
  • SECURITY METRICS NEEDED: Seems like I’ve been hearing a/b better metrics 4 past 3 yrs. Guess prob not solved yet. #

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