ISSA – DC Chapter Infosec Meetup Event – Tuesday, 03-17: Data Destruction

Whether it’s a blog post from college or a work project that went awry, everyone wishes they could remove something from the internet. And let’s face it: A world where Google pulled up nothing but good things about us could be considered a kind of Utopia.

But achieving a Google search where our names are squeaky clean isn’t as easy as it sounds; we’re at the mercy of the internet’s amazing (and annoying) ability to chronicle the significant, the mundane, the truthful, and the dishonest.

That’s because—as the title of the upcoming ISSA – DC Chapter meetup so succinctly puts it—“Data Doesn’t Die.”

Or does it?

According to the ISSA – DC Chapter website, their meetup on March 17th will “highlight the best practices for establishing and verifying controls for data destruction on HDDs (magnetic media), including degaussing, triple overwrite/DOD Standard 5220, physical shredding, and Secure Erase methods.”

While you might not learn how to clean up Google (or how to erase any and all recorded existence of Vista from the internet), the ISSA – DC meetup will teach you how to use the latest tools (including open source) to effectively “kill” the data on your old hard drive.

To learn more about this meetup, keep reading below.

Here is some information regarding this week’s Tuesday ISSA – DC Chapter infosec meetup event. [some commentary on the event if needed]

For more information on the ISSA – DC Chapter, see its description in our NoVA Meetups section. View our Calendar for a complete list of infosec events in and around the NoVA area. Here is a link to the page with information on this meetup.


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