Social Networking Site Lockdown Suggestions for Professionals

A few weeks back I noticed a great little CSI newsletter being passed around the office that provided links to three great guides on how to lock down your profiles on MySpace, FaceBook, and LinkedIn. As a paranoid security person I’ve severely restricted my activities on these sites but have always yearned after the possible networking opportunities. Using these guides you can somewhat minimize the risks associated with putting your personal information online. I haven’t tried any of the suggestions yet but I’m guessing that if you implement them all, it probably makes the service a lot less usable. Such is the tradeoff between security and usability… When skimming the guides I was shocked to discover the one site I thought was most secure, LinkedIn, actually had the least amount of security controls in place. I’m still treading lightly but maybe you’ll see me more active on these sites some day. Here are links to the guides: MySpace, FaceBook, and LinkedIn.

You may want to pass these nice little guides around to any family and friends so they can tighten down their profiles as well. Also for anyone out there that uses these services more than I do, what do you think of these guidelines? Will they severely limit their usability?

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