The Last HOPE Infosec Conference Event

2600 has announced that pre-registration/CFP is open for this year’s The Last HOPE infosec conference event. Here are the logistics for this year’ conference:

  • Who: 2600
  • What: The Last HOPE
    • The Last HOPE is this summer’s hacker conference sponsored by 2600 Magazine. Presenters and artists from all nationalities and disciplines are again invited to participate in this forum. The Last HOPE covers all aspects of hacking, the community surrounding it, and its effects across the world.
  • When: 7/18 – 7/20/2008
  • Where: New York City – Hotel Pennsylvania (33rd Street and 7th Avenue, across from Penn Station and Madison Square Garden)

For more information on The Last HOPE, see its description in our Infosec Conferences section. Although this conference event will not take place in or around NoVA, we included it because it is drivable for an overnight or weekend trip for those living/working in the NoVA. See 2600’s pre-registration/CFP post for more information.

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