Hak.5 Releases ShmooCon Infosec Conference Event Special

Hak.5 released their ShmooCon episode a few weeks back. They talk with many infosec contributors to this annual security conference, including Renderman, Scott Moulton, Mati Aharoni, Dan Giffin, David Hulton, and Chris Compton.

See their Shmoocon Special post for more information. Also here is a link to their live Hak5Live 011 – ShmooCon episode, part of the Podcasters Meetup series. We were actually at this one! Plus PaulDotCom also discusses ShmooCon in Episode 99 of their podcast. We’ve also updated our ShmooCon 2008 – Friday, ShmooCon 2008 – Saturday, and Shmoocon 2008 – Sunday posts so you’ll have a consolidated point of all things ShmooCon in one place.

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