Shmoocon 2008 Infosec Conference Event – Sunday

Sunday looked to be packed with some very interesting talks in the Build It track at this years ShmooCon infosec conference event. I really wanted to see “Hacking Windows Vista Security” by Dan Griffin and “Path X: Explosive Security Testing Tools using XPath” by Andre Gironda et al. but unfortunately I slept in and would have missed Dan’s presentation at 10:00. So it didn’t seem worth an hour commute and another $25 in parking for one talk. I plan on watching these videos and will update this post when I do.

Infosec Commentary

For commentary of some of the sessions, here are some good blog posts describing them:

Additionally, here is a list of good overall con recaps:

Comprehensive Conference Schedule

Here is a comprehensive list of Sunday’s schedule talks as well as links to the presentations and videos. Descriptions of each session and speaker bios can be found at the ShmooCon’s speaker page:

Build It!

  • Hacking Windows Vista Security (Dan Griffin): Presentation, Video
  • Vulncatcher: Fun with Vtrace and Programmatic Debugging (atlas): Presentation, Video
  • Path X: Explosive Security Testing Tools using XPath (Andre Gironda, Marcin Wielgoszewski and Tom Stracener): Presentation, Video

Break It!

  • Malware Software Armoring Circumvention (Danny Quist): Presentation, Video
  • 0wn the Con (The Shmoo Group): Presentation, Video
  • PEAP: Pwned Extensible Authentication Protocol (Josh Wright and Brad Antoniewicz): Presentation, Video

Bring It On!

  • When Lawyers Attack! Dealing with the New Rules of Electronic Discovery (John Benson, Esq.): Presentation, Video
  • The Geek and the Gumshoe or Can Mathematics and Computers Really Solve Crimes? (Michael Schearer and Frank Thornton): Presentation, Video
  • How do I Pwn Thee? Let Me Count the Ways (RenderMan): Presentation, Video


  • On the Social Responsibility of Hackers (Panel: Bruce Potter (moderator), Simple Nomad, Johnny Long, Rick Dakan, TBD): Presentation, Video
  • Closing Remarks: Presentation, Video

Even though I didn’t get to attend as many sessions as last year, I still found this year’s ShmooCon a great experience. There was a nice variety of topics, vendors, and attendees as well as lots of networking opportunities. I would like to thank The Shmoo Group for another excellent conference.

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